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4 Things That You Need To Know Before You Start An eCommerce

01. Your product is the solution to a problem:

“Focus on solving real problems and you’ll never have to convince people to pay.”

The first thing that you need to know when starting an e-commerce business is that you’re not just creating a product you’re solving a problem.The world does not need more products, all you need is better solutions to existing problems (one of the most common mistakes)

So now you’ve creating a solution before identifying the problem OR thinking about products that you can sell first.

Before all of amazing things/ideas..etc you’ve to think about what problem you can solve so what we need to do is find a problem that you know exists OR even better if you’ve experienced yourself because may be this will be a niche that you’re truly passionate about.

02. Your product needs to be viable for e-commerce:

Now you’ve come up with the problem and you’re solving so the solution your product, you need to make sure that your product is viable to e-commerce.

So you’ve to determine whether your product is going to be viable for e-commerce or not. The product is able to be shipped worldwide so it needs to not be too heavy or your shipping will cost a lot AND it needs to not be too breakable or you’ll be issuing a lot of refunds.

03. You need to be able to communicate how you're different:

You need to do is be able to communicate how you’re different from other brands or products but what we’re looking here is to create your unique value proposition. A unique value proposition is a single clear compelling message that states why you’re different and worth buying.

A common misconception in e-commerce is that you need a crazy new product idea to be successful but that’s not true at all.

Actually the most successful e-commerce brands are the ones that have taken existing problems and sold them in a new way. You don’t need to reinvent but you just need to find a point of difference

04. Your customer is not everyone:

You know the problem you are solving.

You know how your product can serve as a solution to that problem. You know how to differentiate yourself from your competition. Now it’s time to start thinking about who you’re going to be selling your product but sometimes we think that our product is so amazing and as it’ll appeal to anyone so our target market is everyone but here’s the truth is “If you’re selling to everyone, you’re selling to no one.”

You need to find the group of people who your offer is the most compelling for, This is your target market one way to think about. This is in an ideal world who would love your product and want to tell all of their friends, family and followers about it. This is the group.

There are a lot of different ways about going to find your target market like Create customer personas, Research on your competitors or reverse analyzing your product from your audience’s point of view and many more.


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